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Private Information Protection Policy

The private information provided from our customers to us will be kept and protected according to the following policy.

Use Purpose

  • To respond to the inquiry
  • To deliver the product
  • To conduct the service
  • To introduce our products, services and events
  • For questionnaire survey and request for commentating

Disclose private information

Unless otherwise stated in the law, we will not disclose our customer's private information without obtaining his/her prior consent.

Assignment of Private Information Management

In order to provide better service to our customers, we may assign part of our business to outside parties; we may entrust customer's private information to these parties. In such cases, we take appropriate measures by carefully selecting these parties confirmed to be capable of and making agreement beforehand on management of the private information.

Arbitrariness of Provision of Private Information

It is arbitrary of the customer to provide the private information to us; however, when sufficient information is not provided, we may not be able to respond or provide apt service to the customer.

Disclosure of Private Information

The customer has the right to notify, disclose, alter, append, delete, use, or veto provision of the private information. Please contact us for detail.

Constant Improvement

In order to meet up to the changing social conditions and technological advancement, we continuously update and improve the private information management policy and security measurement policy.