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Would you like to work with us in a newly established company?
We are looking for you who will endeavor to make a life invaluable and exhilarating.
Please check the offering memorandum below and apply now.
We are recruiting smartphone application development engineers with keen sense on technology and designing.

Job Description

  • Ability to speak japanese
  • Ability to take a leadership with passion
  • Ability to think in logical manner and able to fully represent it
  • Person who has a superior communication skill to understand the situation.
  • Ability to undertake crafting with sincerity
  • Person who is understanding of Entertainment
  • Person who has sufficient experience in on-line game production
  • Person who has basic operation knowledge on Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Photoshop
    Capable of coding HTML
Work LocationChiyoda ward Tokyo
QualificationNot limited to age, sex, nationality, or education
Employment StyleFull-time, contract, subcontract
Salary/WelfareBased on experience/skill level, to be complied with the company bylaw
Provision of full cost of commuting/Duty allowance
Work hoursDiscretionary labor system (Considered labor time of 8 hrs,/day)
HolidaysSaturday, Sunday, National holidays, the beginning and end of the year, summer holiday, condolence leave, paid holidays

Smartphone application programmer

Job descriptionApplication development for smartphone (iPhone & Android)
Preferred skill
  • Experienced on mobile phone game development (i-mode, Brew, S!Appli, Android, iPhone etc)
  • Experienced as a chief programmer of games
  • Person who has sufficient knowledge on mathematics and physics
  • Person who has High admiration for smartphone application
  • Healthy and honest personality
  • Fun loving, humble with information/ technologies and fascinated on crafting things
  • Experienced in designing/developing iPhone, iPad or Android applications
Experienced with being applicable to two or more items above

SE programmer

Job descriptionSNS site structuring
On-line game server programming
Preferred skill
  • Experienced in server programming use of C/C++, Java, PHP, or Perl over Unix/Linux or Windows
  • Ability to design RDBMS database (w/ MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle)
  • Experienced main programmer
  • Experienced in network programming using TCP
  • Ability to comprehend with technical documents in English
  • Shader programming, NET Framework related C# programming
    * Certain period will be provided to gain skill on above with necessity
  • Extensive knowledge and experience on CPU optimization
  • Experienced in graphics development of games for iOS
  • Extensive knowledge and experience on DirectX or OpenGL
  • Knowledge and experience on SPU/Spurs
  • Having a sense of drawing
  • Understanding the workflow of game development
  • Ability on orderly class design
Eligibility with being applicable to two or more items above


Job descriptionArt works in general on game developments
Preferred skill
  • Experience with PhotoShop or Illustrator
  • Ability to understand the direction of the project upon designing and to draft the image onto a drawing
  • Minimum of three years experience in game art
  • Ability to design the layout on HP using tools such as Dreamweaver
Eligibility with being applicable to two or more items above

Planner (Game design/Spec production)

Job descriptionWe are looking for skilled and highly determined staff to create RPG.
Consider joining a team with strong motivation to develop RPG.
We want you who can tell us "I'm the one!"
Your task is to plan the game contents and system spec, the foundation of the world of RPG.,
creating the base idea, specification, and to package the project.
If you love game development and will execute the job responsibly, please contact us!
Preferred skill
  • RPG player
  • Experience in planning and production of games
  • MMORGP play experience
The direction and significance of the jobEach idea is materialized in two to three months cycle, delivered to the players, then get reviewed instantly. The job will take you through dynamic development stages of MMORPG..
Whilst more game developments are becoming on longer term basis, releasing of a game after another is quite a fascinating experience and indeed exciting.
The job requires a strong leadership to manage many staff. One requires a highly motivated broad vision and communication skill to guide the team ahead through making of a game

Planner (Level design)

Job descriptionWe are looking for skilled and highly determined staff to create RPG
Consider joining a team with strong motivation to develop RPG
We want you who can tell us "I'm the one!"
You will be making the Map with consideration of level design
Production of proposal and specification documents
Planning of contents of games
Placement and adjustment of monsters
Level designing based on scenarios and produce necessary data, implements, then order and manage the project
Preferred skill
  • Experienced in game production and planning
  • Sufficient experience in playing on-line games
  • Sufficient experience in games from overseas
  • Experienced in production of action games
  • Power to digest volume task and mind to be actively involved in projects
  • Experienced in development of package games of PS3 or XBOX360
  • Experienced of level task in 3D action games preferred
    Or experience in use of Maya
The direction and significance of the jobStructuring of the world you can visualize in a game
Excitement of combining game elements, map, gimmick, and contents
Players can enjoy themselves in the space you have created yourself
You enhance the game yourself by balancing of the obstacles and credits for extra enjoyment of the players
Experiencing the unique contents production of on-line games and fast reaction from players
Fine business communication skill
Having interest in scenery, architecture, living organism
Adaptability to an environment of working with many people
Experienced in production of action games
Having mind to be actively involved in projects
To be enlightened with communication amongst people
Having a self esteem of being a professional


Job descriptionSupporting task of title management and development
* Title management
Planning and execution of events within games to activate the title
Checking the daily sales, analysis, reporting, documentation, schedule adjustment etc
Corresponding with game players and covering wide range of tasks
* Contents development
Supporting of developments will be the main task
The job will be covering various tasks including analysis and advising on development status, documentation, and schedule adjustments.
Responsibility also includes handling of development items necessary for project management (for projects in need of development)
Preferred skill
  • Adaptability to an environment of working with many people
  • Experienced in operation management of on-line game, or over three years of continuous playing of on-line games
  • Fine communication skill (on negotiation and adjustment)
  • Firm commitment to comprehend and accomplish objections
  • Having strong sense of responsibility
  • Experienced in business planning (regardless of industry)
  • Experienced in business production (regardless of industry)
  • Good with numbers (for budget management/statistical analysis)

How to apply

Please post-mail or email (with an attached file) your resume with your photo and work history (self-written PR for newly graduates).
Please indicate your email address in your resume.

Send to: Unit 3 KANDA LAND Building 1-3-7 Kanda Sudacho Chiyoda-ku Tokyo Japan [Hiring Desk]

  • Your resume will not be returned
  • Your personal information will not be used other than for hiring evaluation
    NotePrivate Information Protection Policy
  • If you have any project of yours to send, please send by post