Link kit

Policy of our game development

Easy & Safe

We endeavor to create game contents that are easy and safe to play for children and those unfamiliar with the system

Omotenashi (Hospitality)

We value all our customers respectfully. The way of connecting the game players and us is mostly via the application because we do not get to contact all the customer face to face. We thus strive to deliver our Japanese hospitality as much as possible to the players around the world through the contents of our game applications.


We deliver our service to all of our customers more than what they expect in our game.


  • We put our effort on making our products for the pleasure of our customers as well as their customers
  • Please ask us if you have needs on the development of 3D smartphone games
Inquiry and consultation
Cost estimate request
Verification of the quality in advance by using our samples.
We have plenty of technical data i.e. number of compatible terminals etc; please contact us for detail.
confirmation of your plan

Confirmation of the game specifics
Production of detail cost estimate

*If you do not have solid idea on spec, please consult us for planning and designing from scratch.
Contract & commissioning
Once you agree on detail cost estimate, we initiate the formal development.


  • Building an alliance in the game business
  • Advising and consulting in the game business

We correspond to your needs in flexible terms. Please contact us for detail of our scope of work.

Planning & Development of Smartphone Application

  • Simultaneous release of iPhone and Android
  • High flexibility with plug-in development
  • Superb quality

At Link Kit, we develop smartphone applications with Unity.
We have a license agreement with Fontworks Inc.
for use of their fonts on various games.

Field of Our Specialty on Hardware