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  • Dear customer

    Currently, problems that can not be started in some Windows version customers have occurred.
    I am very sorry for you inconvenience.
    A new version of the app has been submitted to Microsoft's, but those in a hurry, you can use to normalize the operation by the execution of the recovery program.

    [ infomation ]
    Store app create a cache of apps to user data below at the time of application of the version up.
    However, in this version up, there is a problem that app is end immediately when you start there is a case that cache is not created successfully.
    The recovery program will clear their cache (only related to Snow world cache file), and recreate of the cache by re-start the application.

    [ Target Company ]
    Version user (updates to later 1.9.2015)
    -> How to check : Last update date of the upper left corner of the store page
    "Not-Start-up issue" has not occurred customers should refrain from use.
    There is a possibility to cause unexpected behavior.

    If you feel that there is more difficult response procedures, is not a hurry, please wait for the subsequent updates of the next application.

    [ Response procedures ]
    1. Completely exit the Snow World app, or please restart your PC.
    2. Run the application of SnowWorldHelper. Download
    3. Press the button on the "Installation confirmation".


    4. I press the button of "Run the repair".


    5. Start the Snow World app, please check the operation.
    ***It becomes a program for Windows 8.1, please note that you do not run on any other OS (example Windows7).

    Best regards
    Snow World support team.