Frequent questions
▼Before Play
▼Failure or bug during play
Do you play any devices?

May 16 2013 iOS
iPhone 4
iPhone 4S
iPhone 5
iPad 2
iPad Third
iPod touch fifth generation
iOS5.0 and later
Not guaranteed iOS devices
iPhone3GS / iPod touch fourth generation and earlier / iPadiPad mini

May 16 2013 Android
CPU:1.2GHz and more
RAM:512M and more
Display:800x480 and more

Do you play for free?

Download the app is free. You can enjoy fully free, oval items that help the game progress is available at an additional cost.

How can I buy a gold coin, copper coin?

At iTunes card or credit card, are available for purchase.

credit card is available for purchase.

Do not matter if you change the time setting of the terminal?

By changing to intentionally setting the time of the terminal body, there is the possibility that inconsistencies of the game data is generated.
In addition, there is the possibility that the mismatches of the game data, failure to unexpected occurs, game data resulting in damage.
Game data is damaged, including the pay items you have purchased, because it can not be recovered, without performing absolutely, changes intentional of time setting of the terminal body, thank you for your settings to exact Standard Time.
*For correcting the difference of the terminal time, no problem changes.


*When you do the update in the game in an environment poor communication state, there is a risk that loses its data or damage. As you play the game, please perform at a good place to communicate state always.
In addition, if a problem occurs in the data by any chance, the communication failure, it is not possible to check the history of such purchase or item, we can not be made to respond, please be careful.
*For items you have purchased, regardless of the presence or absence of use, you can not support, such as a refund.

You can't connect to the game by Communication error

There is the case that you can not connect by the communication state.
Please try it in a good location of radio wave condition.
Please check the maintenance information because there is the case that if you still can not connect, and conducts maintenance by a failure.
If the maintenance information is not out, please report from the inquiry form.
*Individual reply to the contents had contacted me to the foam is not in principle, but we have confirmed that the content of all.

Game no longer proceeding normally.

There is the case that the overall failure has occurred.
First of all, please check failure is occurring at announcement.
If the notice is not, please report from the inquiry form.
*Individual reply to the contents had contacted me to the foam is not in principle, but we have confirmed that the content of all.

Screen froze. I no longer can do.

By performing a restart of the application, there is a case to improve. Once, please try to restart the application.
Also, please try to restart the mobile phone as well.

Login bonus is not reflected.

Communication by the state, because there is a case where the display of the login bonus available, timing the login bonus is added is different from a real, thank you for your attention.